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Gel nails in Perfection Gellack EVO

EVO - the Bio Sculpture® (EVO)lution in nail design

EVO is the (r) EVO lutionary gel polish system for perfect gel nails.

For quick color overlays that can even be used to create extensions. Three different base gels enable the individual treatment of different nail types. The LED-curing base gels are self-smoothing and at the same time offer flexibility and stability for your gel nails. EVO lasts up to 3-4 weeks and can be easily removed - without damaging the natural nail. The color range consists of over 90 fashionable color gels.

EVO is 10 free, 100% vegan and made without animal testing.

A gel polish in a class of its own!

EVO is exclusively for professional use in the salon and is only sold to beauty professionals.

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