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Bio Sculpture

0102 Danè - EVO

0102 Danè - EVO

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The EVO GEL from Bio Sculpture® makes nail professionals' dreams come true and offers a large selection of highly fashionable colors.

EVO combines all the requirements that an innovative, high-quality and unique express gel polish must offer in order to delight customers.
The revolutionary, easy-to-remove 4-layer system was developed to keep natural nails completely healthy . This is made possible by the medically certified, world's first "Oxygenating Base Gel" , which supplies the natural nail with enriched vitamins A and E. In addition, the stable, flexible base layer ensures that oxygen and water vapor molecules can flow through the natural nail . The 100 percent pure gel has excellent, self-smoothing properties for a perfect surface. Evo is as thin as varnish and as stable as gel . The system also offers flexible protection that lasts for weeks and can be removed in just 10 to 15 minutes without damaging the natural nail.


EVO Gel is vegan and is not tested on animals and is free from

  • DBP

  • Toluenes

  • formaldehyde

  • formaldehyde resins

  • Fighter

Made in South Africa .


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